May Lilac


Single flowering hybrid with many cup shaped flowers of a unique and very bright lavender colour. No sidebuds. Mature plants are very showy: They easily produce a mass of flowers and the entire growing season the numerous shiny, large, light green and rounded leaflets (clearly coming from her macrophylla-parent) provide a gorgeous peony for the landscape. A rare variety and regarded highly by connoisseurs. One of our catalogue's very best landscapers!

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Colour: Lavender / Salmon
Flower type: Single
Sidebuds: None
Fragrance: Little
Flowering time: Very early
Plant Height: 80
Mechanical support: Not necessary
Use: Landscape
Origin: USA
Hybridizer: Saunders
Registered by: Saunders
Year of Registration: 1950
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: P. lactiflora cultivar
Pollen parent: P. macrophylla
Extra information: Does not set seed easily, but seed fertile. Pollen fertility not noted.
Fertility: Seed
Ploidy: Triploid