Mother's Choice

P. lactiflora variety

Perfect flower shape! I am an addict to this type of flowers, and have made it a sport to add as many as I can find in my collection and in our Catalogue. In this regard, 'Mother's Choice' has been missing for far too long in our offerings, but no longer!
The big blooms open blush, quickly changing to pure white. The finesse and elegance of the petal arrangement and all the round forms that you see is just amazing and nature at its finest. Enchantingly beautiful and as a big bonus the flowers spread a wonderful gentle and sweet fragrance. Very special about 'Mother's Choice' is that the flowers on the youngest plants immediately are so petal packed and finely formed.
Average bush height, strong stems and healthy dark green foliage complete this top peony. The many side buds form just as fine blooms as the main bud does, but some mechanical support will be advisable if (part of) these side buds will not be removed, to prevent stems from moving outward too much under the heavy weight.

€ 19,00
(excl. VAT)
Colour: White
Flower type: Full double, Rose-type
Sidebuds: Very many
Fragrance: Strong and sweet
Flowering time: Mid
Plant Height: 80
Mechanical support: Staking
Use: Landscape + Cutflower
Origin: USA
Hybridizer: Glasscock
Registered by: Glasscock
Year of Registration: 1950
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: unknown
Pollen parent: unknown
Extra information:
Fertility: Unknown
Ploidy: Diploid