Mutation of ‘Lorelei’ (Don Hollingsworth, USA, 1996). First appeared in my propagation field in the first days of June, 2011. A couple of days later, on 5 June, our daughter Nikita was born and hence the garden name was easily given. As it turns out now, our daughter loves the colour combination of the flowers very much and, as a sweet but strong nine-year-old, she insisted that it be registered in her name. Obviously, and weak as I am for her wishes, impossible to decline.

Propagated in our standard two-year growth cycle, in 2021 the stock will be dug for the 5th time and it has always proved to be a stable mutation. This has also been confirmed yearly by mature specimens in our play gardens.

Except for the petal colorations, in all other aspects very much, if not completely similar to ‘Lorelei’. Very upright habit to a height of 85 cm (34”) with a great stand, excellent hybrid vigour and the typical deeply cut and dark green hybrid foliage of ‘Lorelei’ with conspicuous veins attached to burgundy red stems. From the bullet-shaped buds a similar, often loose (not so petal-packed), bomb-type flower develops. However, flowers do have a certain variation in petal count and can also make densely petal-packed bombs. ‘Nikita’ truly displays a very sophisticated play of colours, at opening with a mystical peachy pink hue over the otherwise predominant pale yellow colour. These peachy pink tones are reflected in many of her petals, and is most profoundly seen in the guards. As the flowers mature the inner pink tones fade the fastest, while the guards retain the refined pink blush the longest. Inner petals can also be tipped with pink, adding to the mesmerizing effect of a well grown mature plant.

Nikita, my pride and joy in so many ways!

**** Limit of 1 roots per customer. ****

€ 450,00
Colour: Coral / Pastel / Peachy
Flower type: Full double, Bomb-type
Sidebuds: None
Fragrance: None
Flowering time: Mid
Plant Height: 85
Mechanical support: Not necessary
Use: Landscape + Cutflower
Origin: The Netherlands
Hybridizer: Warmerdam
Registered by: Warmerdam
Year of Registration: 2021
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: Mutation of P. hybrid 'Lorelei'
Pollen parent: n/a
Fertility: Unknown
Ploidy: Triploid