Below you can find an overview of our presence in the spotlights over the years.


"De pioenkwaliteit is mijn bestaansrecht" - Bloem en Blad (2020)

Bloem en Blad (Flower & Foliage) is the professional magazine for Florists in The Netherlands.
A really nice opportunity to explain what it is that we try to do here for this specific audience. I hope that our passion for peonies and for the highest possible quality has rubbed of on the readers (even if it is just a little bit!). Because we would just love to see the prettiest and newest peony cuts more in our domestic flower shops!

Click here for the article "The quality of my peonies is my right to exist".  (in Dutch only)


De Tuinliefhebber, summer edition (2020)

In this much read magazine for hobby gardeners, one of Holland's greatest amateur peony enthusiasts is placed in the spotlights. A really nice article and a fine example of true passion for peonies!

Click here for the article "In the garden of... Peony Champion Rien Stoffels". (in Dutch only)


Article Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij nr.25 (2019)

The 'Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij' is the professionel magazine for flower growers in The Netherlands. In this issue there is an article with an interview of people in the trade and culture of cut flower peonies. I was one of the interviewed persons.

Click here for the article 'Peonies continue to surprise'' (in Dutch only).


Article Groei & Bloei May-edition (2016)

The 'Groei & Bloei' is the biggest Dutch magazine for garden enthusiasts. In the May issue a seven page article is included on us, and on peonies in general. When the editors of Groei & Bloei approached me for an interview and pictures for this article, I immediately wanted to co-operate. A great chance to put some of the newer peony varieties in the spotlight, as well as promoting peonies in general and share some peony tips with a large audience.

Click here for the article "Looking for the wow-feeling" (in Dutch only).


Item "Vakgenoten" in the magazine Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij Nr.25 (2015)

In this weekly column in the Dutch professional magazine for flower growers, a fellow grower is asked a couple of general questions. A really nice and light item, which I myself always look forward to read myself also. I enjoyed being part of this item very much.

Click here for the item "Vakgenoten". (in Dutch only) 

Première of Warmerdam Paeonia on national television! (2012)

In February this year we were approached by the television program 'LifestylExperience', which is broadcasted by RTL4. A real lifestyle show, showing consumers any imaginable product for in and around the house. I decided to grasp this rather unique opportunity to make good advertisement for the peony. In a two minute item, host Anouk van Kooijk interviewed me on some general peony topics. Much more importantly, I think, the item shows an abundance of flowering peonies, in many variations. To me personally, the clip turned out allright and I enjoyed this experience very much.

Our item was recorded in our peony fields on June 1, 2012 and was broadcasted in the show of 'LifestylExperience' on RTL4 at 14h20 on July 1, 2012. 

You can click here to view the clip.


Article Vakblad voor de Boomkwekerij nr.19 (2010)

The 'Vakblad voor de Boomkwekerij' is the professionel magazine for perennial and tree growers in The Netherlands. When they approached us for a story on our company we were very honoured and we co-operated with much pleasure. Again a great chance to profile ourselves!

Click here for the article "Rather small-sized with high quality". (in Dutch only)

Article Seasons (May 2010)

'Seasons' is a glossy garden magazine in The Netherlands which focuses on the private gardener. The people of this magazine approached is in June last year for an article on us and the care of peonies in general. Since there are still many misperceptions about peony care, we were of course most happy to co-operate with them. This was a great chance for us to try and clear up some of these unfortunate perceptions. Naturally this also was a nice oppurtunity to present ourselves once more to the Dutch gardening public.

Click here for the article "The home-loving type". (in Dutch only).


Warmerdam Paeonia in "Vaktaal"; De Boomkwekerij Nr. 46 (2009)

For the second time this year we have been approached by a professional Dutch magazine for an interview. This time it concerned an article in the "Vakblad voor De Boomkwekerij" - the magazine for the Dutch professional plant and perennial nurseries. Weekly the last article in this magazine is an item named "Vaktaal" ("Jargon" or "Professional language"), in this item a grower is asked for current matters.

When we were approached to support this article we did not have to hesitate for a second. We always read this item with great pleasure - it's always nice to read about what one's colleague has to say. When we are asked to make our contribution to this we of course are very happy to do so!

Please click here for the full article. (in Dutch only)


Article BloembollenVisie Nr. 20 (2009)

BloembollenVisie is the No.1 magazine for professional growers of bulbs, tubers and perennials in The Netherlands. So when they approached us about an article about us and our view on the current and future situation in cutflower peonies, we were very willing to co-operate.

You can click here for the article 'Passion for Peonies'. (in Dutch only)