Growing on a relatively small and thus manageable scale is a major objective of ours. Where possible we grow 'the old-fashioned' way. The urge to excel is a crucial part in our philosophy and has formed us to what we are today. Like I have been made understand good and proper by my Dad: "Doing it fast, and doing it right are two entirely different things, boy! "


Our focus is on top-quality. We enjoy using our hands very much, and limit the use of machines to the very minimum. This way we can reduce any possible loss of quality to our peony flowers and roots, as well as to the environment, significantly.Because we are a small family-business with the only helping hands coming from family and a couple of committed people from our hometown, we do all the work during the growing season ourselves. We check crop quality during growing season and we also prepare and deliver all orders ourselves. This way we always know what is going on, and you will always be in contact with the right person immediately. This contributes to the very high standard and consistency of quality that we like to maintain, and in which we take such great pride.

The big move in 2019 of our work place to a location central to our fields has lifted our quality to an even higher level. We have changed all processes according to our long cherished ideas, and specially set up cold storage rooms make true optimal conditioning of our products possible. The job satisfaction and working comfort has also increased in this complety remodeled building, and this of course also gives a very postive effect to the quality level of our products.


Also in the field we are going for gold, and always by taking the environment into account as much as possible. We minimize our use of chemicals, experiment and work more and more with "green" applications, use LVS-equipment for weed control in the growing season and are switching entirely to drip irrigation (and fertigation). The only way is up!

Next to supplying constant and high quality peony roots and flowers, giving personal service is very important to us as well. We want to supply top-quality in this as well, and actually in everything we do. This website serves as a fine example. We put a huge amount of energy in every little detail. Simply because we want ourselves to be the best we can be.

Whether or not you have purchased plants and/or flowers from us doesn't matter - we are always pleased to answer any questions on Paeonia that you might have. We like to contribute to the well-being of peonies - the genus simply deserves it! At Warmerdam Paeonia it is not just all about Warmerdam, Paeonia is what matters!